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Tattoos date back to 12,000 BC, so they truly are one of the oldest forms of human communication known to man. From symbols used to ward off illness to secret messages on skin during times of war to the present day breast cancer survivor who looks to find beauty in her scar, tattoos have continued to evolve and flourish!

It should come then as no surprise that everyone, from all walks of life and educational backgrounds, now seek to communicate their views, their beliefs, their struggles and their successes through this timeless yet distinct form of art!

It is with that deep, thoughtful and culturally rich perspective that we established Incredible Ink Tattoo Studio on Hilton Head Island.

For anyone wishing to signify a transition or hoping to celebrate life or maybe just needing to mark a personal moment, we are the tattoo professionals you can TRUST! All of our of our tattoos are performed in a clean, healthy and sterile environment where we truly pride ourselves in the quality of our work and strive to have the utmost respect for each and every client. Consultations are always available and we promise to make your experience with us enjoyable and relaxed!

Let Incredible Ink Tattoo studios help you find your voice and tell your story through the art of tattoo!